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Benedict XVI and John Paul II - In the Loop with Abusers?


I start with a quote from Al Jazeera English about a California Priest who got caught molesting kids - his defrocking as requested from then Bishop Cummins of Oakland got put on hold for years before the priest was defrocked.

Pope in new abuse cover-up claim
John Cummins, then a bishop in the US, wrote to the Vatican arguing that Kiesle should be stripped of his priesthood.

"It is my conviction that there would be no scandal if this petition were granted and that as a matter of fact, given the nature of the case, there might be greater scandal to the community if Father Kiesle were allowed to return to the active ministry,'' he wrote.

In a letter sent to the bishop years later, Ratzinger says that Kiesle should be provided with "as much paternal care as possible" while awaiting a final decision.

He urged local church officials to take into account the "good of the universal church" and "detriment that granting the dispensation can provoke within the community of Christ's faithful, particularly considering the young age".

Kiesle was 38 at the time, and remained a priest until 1987. He was convicted of more sex offences against children during the 1990s and now lives as registered sex offender in California.

The Vatican confirmed the letter bore Ratzinger's signature, but refused to comment on its contents.
Hardly a smoking gun but the documents proving the Vatican and the pope to be liars in these matters will continue to come to light and accumulate on the scales of justice.

John Paul II would not let go of priests - they were too valuable as asset to waste. The age of the offending priest was a factor in that at 38, you could probably get another 40 years of labor out of him. In this case Cardinal Ratzinger was probably following orders from his superior John Paul to sit on all exit paperwork for priests, whether molesters or not.

I started with Al Jazeera news service because this story is now on the front pages of Muslim newspapers all over the world.

That I as a Christian, Culturally and minimally, would be ashamed to announce my belief system in Syria, Egypt, Iran, Indonesia etc. because the Roman Catholic church as the so called, by numbers only, leader of the Christian faith – is now content in representing that Christianity to the world as something like a religious whore house full of peckers after little boys and little girls.

The real scandal is not in the numbers, large or small of crimes, but of mismanagement and the absolute cold and distant manner in which people are viewed by the hierarchy of the RC church in the Vatican. In document after document the offending priests or clergy are written about with care along with that of the prestige of the RC corporation. People be damned in comparison to the priests and heirarchy.

The RC church that uses the world Universal which should mean Global means nothing more that the private (by membership only) boys only club in the Vatican.

The hierarchy is separate from the simple faith of the laity and the hierarchy should be chopped off like a diseased limb by the laity.

At least Bishop Cummins in Oakland in the early eighties was trying to get rid of a bad apple of a priest. But we must put all this in context of the ambitions and dreams of John Paul II to use his powers first and only for the dream of a free and united Poland. That buggered children in California was not part of that global dream of a very ambitious Polish Priest and Pope. That by appointing mediocre cronies like Ratzinger to sit on paperwork to get rid of “filth”, John Paul devoted all his efforts in concord with the CIA and the USA to destroy Soviet hegemony.

The theory that any Bishop in the Catholic church can defrock a priest or end celibacy in that diocese will not happen. This will not happen as long as cronies, loyal to their pope only - as Cardinal Ratzinger was blindly loyal to John Paul II, continue in office even after showing failed Management and failed Moral skills. They are not loyal to any mere laity creatures.

No changes will happen so long as these political cronies keep getting put into positions and appointments in Europe and America. And certainly not while these papal stooges keep selling, draining, stealing off assets of those two political entities to build the new next century RC church in Africa and Asia.

Secret of Fatima – End of the Papacy?
John Paul II had the same medieval, backward looking, not friendly user attitude toward the laity that Benedict XVI is now being trashed for. John Paul II could get away with it. John Paul II, if you read current history books, single handedly brought down the evil Soviet Empire. The west, masters of the liberal media, and pro-western, anti-Soviet propaganda, makes John Paul some sort of Nietzsche religious superman if such a combination could possibly occur.

In fact, I think that in fifty years, I believe that historians if they are able to be honest will paint the source of the present crumbling western culture on three people. They will be Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and John Paul II. Not a true axis of evil so to speak but maybe a goofy “Gang of Three” who set the western civilization down a wrong road toward Global fascism and away from human liberation and freedom – a secular real time salvation.

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