Monday, March 8, 2010

Self-Hating Gays in the Vatican?

I have been trying to avoid saying anything about the Vatican or Joe the Pope.

With this recent dam bursting in Netherlands and Deutschland, one has to wonder how they kept the abuse under wraps for so long.

There is also an article about some California local state senator being more or less caught in the act of revealing his secret sexual identity. With a DUI (drunk under the influence) driving charge and eyewitnesses coming out of the woodwork outing him – having seen him frequent gay bars – the cat was out of the bag.

Even with being caught he has now outed himself on the radio and defends his anti-gay voting record as doing what his conservative voting constituency wanted of him.

Ashburn says he's gay, defends vote record

Of course Republican state Senator Ashburn is using the Democratic defense – The Dems of voting for abortion legislation even if one is personally against it - and now with the GOP voting against gays even if gay. Political expediency, pocket book, meal ticket issues. Hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle.

How does the California story fit in with the Vatican? I cannot but help feel that the California senator is or has been a self-hating gay all of his life. I cannot help but feel that most of the clergy in the Vatican are closeted lifelong self-hating gays as well. That to come out means loss of job income, meal ticket and pension. And not to mention loss of a large dose of mutual peer respect.

When you have trained for ten to twelve years to memorize and regurgitate boilerplate religion, what other skills do you have to find another job?

The abuse cases in the Netherlands and Germany are a boil over with enough general press coverage that people are willing to come out of the fear of an abuse situation that existed, was prevalent, and the norm in Catholic institutions for decades.

The institutions, religious orders, in Europe and America that have a large measure in the abuse issue used to have junior seminaries – meaning boys as early as age ten were being trained in the boilerplate Council of Trent Catechism.

While Junior Seminaries are not the norm in Europe and America these days, they are in full swing in South America and Africa. A whole bunch of perhaps closeted self-hating gays are ready to get a work visa and preach and practice in Europe and America where the natives have little or no interest in religion these days.

The reason for a lot of poor, starving, ten year olds to join the RC church's clergy is to get a meal ticket for life. The sex thing is a side issue. Bury that and have your buddies in the Vatican cover up for you too etc.

Rather than being a bunch of self-hating gays, the RC church before it is legally pronounced DOA (Dead on Arrival) – no church buildings or congregations left in Europe or America - the hierarchy better get a handle on modern sexuality and stop looking to Constantine’s fourth century Roman Empire Army Manual as a guide to life here and the here after.

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