Wednesday, December 30, 2009

vatican to copyright sky! - news at eleven

I don’t know what to make of the following – another anti-christian chicken story perhaps?

I guess every government wants to get in on the ponzi cap and trade rackets of natural resources and national images, words, gestures, natural good looks. (Not to mention censoring You Tube viewers from seeing falling pontiffs at Midnight masses that occur at ten p.m..) Etc.

Pope Benedict XVI: Copyright! All Rights Reserved!
The Vatican will establish copyright protection on the use of the name, the image and symbols associated with the head of the Roman Catholic Church. The Holy See intends to hold the exclusive right for their use, the Catholic News Agency said...

The news came as a surprise. Pope Benedict XVI previously condemned those who defend their copyright. The Pontiff criticized the struggle for copyright as a phenomenon which contradicted to the notion of mutual help and Christian love to other people…

“How can all this be related to the Pope? I do not see any way to register such copyright – there are no adequate laws for that. The Pope cannot be a trademark because the Pope is a natural person. Why would they do something like that ? Is there a need for that? Even if the Vatican managed to have it all legalized, I doubt that it would win considerable profit from it,” the professor said.

Sergey Fyodorov, a senior expert with the Institute for Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that the Vatican simply wants to make more money.
----Sergey Balmasov, Pravda.Ru
“Greed is good” to quote Oliver Stone’s infamous character Gordon Gekko.

Greed can also backfire. If you have to pay - maybe the brand name and the product will get ignored and forgotten. Free to the catholic blogoshere is free to the choir and empty pews as well, so to speak.

Good luck in the forgotten twilight years of the reign of “what’s his name”?

I quoted from Pravda to get a less than polished (corrupted) western MSM spin on this news article. That and that news agency might report a little more truth, bizarre as it might seem on any given subject. It is good to have a different point of view.

I also think the Russians will laugh when asked to pay a toll to talk about “what’s his name” in the Vatican.


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