Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye to the Y2Kays Decade

Remember all of the hype and B.S. about how the world was going to end in the year 2000 – Y2K ?

Our computers all over the planet were going to shut down over the supposed glitch that dumb computers would be too stupid to recognize the first two digits 20 of the year 2000 – as opposed to computers built in the twentieth century with the two digit prefix of 19—as in 1999 etc.

I think one nuclear power plant in Japan shut itself down. Other than that, air traffic control, street lights and electricity kept running. What a sorry disappointment that PR fear campaign was.

We had made a journey back east to New York from Arizona in 1999 only to come up against - in your face – too close - to 911 and its very nasty effects and collateral damage.

The world did not come to an end in the 2000’s or Y2Kays or the Naughties.

It was a hard decade to slog through for some of us but we made it. If we are still here in one piece, I guess we can indeed brag about it.

The world never seems to truly end. Does it? No matter what any so-called current in vogue prophecy says. It ends when it ends and not before.

Something perhaps in the universal program of randomness and the drive to carry on and to evolve.

Ran into this on a blog and it brought me close to tears. Even I can’t say everything. This says a lot to me. I hope it says things to you as well.

To my friends the Americans
in which this decade has hollowed your land
raped your soul
and left your spirit bruised and battered
may you find solace,
may you find peace,
may you find your light again…

“The Dude” – a blogger
Best wishes for the new calendar year to you all.

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