Wednesday, October 28, 2009

St. Mary's (7-11) Malaga

Why does St. Mary's in Malaga New Jersey think it deserves better treatment than the rest of the RC Parishes in America?

The local bishop has the deed. The local bishop can multitask one priest going from one location to another on a Saturday evening and a Sunday morning. Maybe if it is a young priest you can throw in a Sunday afternoon somewhere in three different downsized/merged parishes.

The bottom line is logistics and not just demographics and the cost of a tank of gasoline to do the rounds in a car for the saying of mass.

Nobody will discuss Celebacy any more. Dilute the American RC church with Anglicans and starving third world priests. Can't sell all the properties at once. It will lower the prices. Wait for the right market moment. Wait and multitask with the marked properties until the right offer comes in.

It is a pity though that the Shrine at St. Mary's cannot double as a fast food joint on the weekdays when not in use for mass. The Harvard/Brown/Wharton spreadsheet way of making profits and factoring humanity out of the bottom line has arrived in the Camden Diocese.

Testimonial as to the good work Bishop "Bottom Line" Galante has done in the past:

Chicken(Hawk)s Guarding the Henhouse?
For the Bishops' Conference to appoint Galante to the Committee on Sexual Abuse is the height of either hubris or cluelessness. Bishop Galante is a living illustration of the Peter Principle. He is demonstrably incapable of governing his own diocese, of Shepherding his flock, so the NCCB moves him up to bigger things.

During the Arian (the Arians believed that the Son was inferior to the Father) crisis of the 4th and 5th centuries, it happened in some places that the lay faithful (who, by and large, remained orthodox) rose up and deposed their bishops, who had embraced the trendy Arian doctrine.

Has the time come for the faithful here to adopt similar measures? Once again borrowing from C.S. Lewis, I can't help but remark that it is a shame and scandal when Catholics find themselves to be more faithful than those who are supposed to be their shepherds.

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