Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Insanity of Monkeys - Religion

I have come to the conclusion that most of the evils in the world have to do with people sticking their noses in other people’s business. With the world getting smaller and smaller every day, the people who want to stick their nose up your butt seem to be the most self righteous, right wing fundamentalist thought police types.

They’ve got people patrolling and harassing women outside abortion clinics in case the local state has not made abortion more difficult than it possibly can be for normal day to day living - like the Scarlet Letter Law in Oklahoma. Oklahoma, where dinosaurs still roam free and wild, wants to post everything of a woman's stats including maybe even her panty hose size. Try doing that for prostate stats and the whole freaking program would have died, become obsolete, yesterday.

You cannot smoke in bars, anywhere, anymore. It is for your health. Well maybe if the thought police forbad additives to tobacco maybe it would be fit to smoke like in my granddaddy’s day.

By all means put taxes on alcohol and tax the hell out of it.

I have yet to figure out why medical marijuana can be prescribed for asthma but I must be a Neanderthal in my thinking or something like that.

The Mormons and the Scientologists invested heavily in passing Prop 8 in California - stopping gays from marrying – why should gays be happy? Mormons and Scientolgists consider themselves normal? And on some holy freaking pedestal. Yeah right.

Can the Mormon or Scientologist gods roll back the tides of history going forward? NO!

When was the last time a homeo-sexual was seen or allowed in downtown Salt Lake City? Scientology is a tax free religion? When did that happen? Man has gone to the moon. Book me a ticket to mars! Please!

If I did hate homos, seeing that Mormons and Scientologists and fundamentalist Christians hate them too – it would be enough to make me rethink the entire situation -Paradigm Shift time!!!

And then you have the Catholics. And then you have the Catholics. So good I said it twice. The American RC church is downsizing, moving overseas to where medieval is considered the ultramodern of the future.

If the gay hierarchy and rank and file of the priesthood want to have sex with whomever, and of the proper age of consent, they can come out of the closet at any time. They like the rest of humanity seem to be obsolete as defined by all currently approved management models. Might as well enjoy the remainder of mankind’s short time left on this dying planet.

Don’t be surprised if there is an order for a hundred thousand Honda Robots from the Vatican to replace management and stand there and distribute communion and count the collection direct deposit accounts of the Huntingdon Valley crowds of this world and other communities left to live the grand delusion of the Christian Myth to the very end.

This blog has been both a blessing and a curse. I have been able to blather with foam dripping from my mouth about unimportant junk and deprogram myself of so much, not of direct Catholocism, but of the cultural peripherals that did more damage than any dogma. “What does not kill you only makes you stronger.”

I read that they are closing my Catholic high school in Philly at the end of the school year. I took it all badly for an hour or two and then I came to two conclusions.

One, it is inner city and the poor schools and the poor parishes are shut down first – Economics or Racism? The rich white catholics in Huntingdon Valley Montgomery County can swim in segregated club pools and live in the delusion of a still viable religious institution of the church.

My delusions I have already faced up to and accepted the passing of a part of American history where a religious school system once was superior to the public institutions.

Two, with the humble ego and mentality of Mormons and Scientolgists and Fundamentalists – that parachial high school only existed for eighty two years for one sole purpose – for me to get my education and talk to you about it today. I am that important! I speak or at least pretend to speak for GOD! I AM better than everybody else! Not a practical solution in a crowded, democratic country but it is the plain and simple fact to me and my unerring ego. (Wow! Where is my asbestos underwear?)

Ayn Rand wins! Humanity loses!

I have been able to evolve on an individual level to that of Agnostic – there is no answer - to any question or concept made in the mind of man. If God exists, he she or it made the universe with a built in programmed code and set the whole ball, vortex of wax into motion.

The mystery that lies beyond death is just that a mystery. And anybody who tries to sell you a time share in a condo in the here after is definitely full of shit both figuratively and literally.

The only thing I consider sacred are myself and the earth I stand on. I respect all life and will not try to control or destroy it.

The closest thing I now accept, to the man made concept of God, and or the insanity of monkeys, is that I do consider the Gnostic view of the spark of the universe within me - looking out and back at the wonder and awe of that universe.

I am one with the Universe or I am nothing.

I am me.


Sylvia Dickey Smith said...

Good points, all!! Can't disagree!

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

You said a mouth er (blog) full.