Thursday, October 1, 2009

Janitor John Boehner - US Congress - Multitasker?

Nattering Nabob of Negativism – Congressman John Boehner R-Ohio – has criticized President Barack Obama for taking eighteen hours out of his full schedule to help in Chicago’s Bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.

GOP Head Michael Steele doesn’t understand why Obama is worrying about jobs in 2016 – DUH! – like selling peanuts in the Olympic stadium is the only employment he can see Americans doing – DUH,DUH! – Like dude you got to build the stadium – like mix the concrete – hire an architect etc. and whatever – Michael Steele – a true visionary – he belongs in a job of CEO in one of the American Fortune 500 Dinosaur corporations.

Getting back to ne’er-do-well congressman Boner who is opposed to Obama multitasking – doing two jobs as President – having to do his own task and having to do over eight years of no work – no show – George Bush’s excuse for labor.

May I suggest to John Boehner who has nothing to do, mainly criticize Obama 24/7/52 – that he use the eighteen hours freed up from stalking and criticizing the President – that he multitask and do something useful to earn his Rep.'s bountiful paycheck with BENEFITS (Healthcare and Pension) and start carrying a feather duster around and clean the occasional cobweb in the House facilities. Pushing a mop would be even better.

Multi-tasking – an American bullshit invention to burden American workers, cutting back, before outsourcing an American job to Bengaladesh.

Before we outsource Congress’ functions overseas, John baby move your lazy ass!

Speaking of my general theme about the unbridled current global culture not forming into any perceivable form, if I were to compare Boehner and his crowd it would be to compare the GOP and Murdock Sound Machine to the young toughs hanging around the old fashioned American Town Square, waiting for useful employment, odd jobs and then helping in the harvest and pitching in the town's seasonal baseball team – until getting married etc.

That this GOP 24/7/52 non-stop criticism of anything Obama is hitting a fever pitch with the GOP ne’er-do-wells hanging around Congress – waiting for useful employment – maybe they should just pull out their feather dusters and just shut up.

Thank God the White House does not publish the schedule of the President’s visits to the Men’s Room – a favorite GOP hideout from work – can you imagine the criticisms of how he does you know what. I can just see Glenn Beck doing a skit about ….

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