Thursday, August 20, 2009

Belly Botton Fuzz and the American Right

Just because the monkeys escaped from the Philadelphia Zoo Primate House and are walking around on two legs – is no reason to mistake them for human.

There is this queer touchy feely thing on the American right and particularly in the GOP but it also translates to fleas on and infecting blue dog democrats -

– that if your constituency is permanently out to lunch that you can exist on a pedestal and vote according to the whims of your pimp lobbyists and their re-election contributions – that you are somehow a viable human being – or a viable party.

Has Jon Kyl ever touched a real human being making minimum wage ? – people he supposedly represents (without healthcare) - it does not matter – his vote from an under populated American state has the power of millions in an east or west coast state.

There are two Americas. There are the rich and the poor. There are also the real and the unreal.

Once upon a timeline, Republicans represented real people in small towns and with small town beliefs. These people once believed in many things – hard work, ethics, a grounded moral life.

Now in the global economy thing, whores and pimps and lobbyists are the most important people on many Republican Senators’ agendas.

Once upon a time there was reality in America.

Now there is only the Belly Button Fuzz of the Republican big buck ethics and the feel good of the Spitzer priced hooker on call to top leaders of the GOP – paid for by big corporation lobbyists!

Where is the Green Party, Progressive Conservative, or Centrist Independent Parties to inherit the second party status in the American Political Forum??? – once the GOP finally gives up the breath and falls over??? – from lack of real human breath or real human values?

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