Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Amendment 28 - Tax or Don't Spend!

Anger in America is real!

Americans as statistical numbers or as commodities do not like being used by their betters whether in corporate America or by the moneyed elites that rule the Capital.

Frustration with a government that can start a War in Iraq over whatever and use deficit spending to fund outsourced phantom contractors or phantom services is starting to take its toll.

The basic fact is that the USA is not GOD - or a GOD BLESSED PRODUCT which seems to be the sole basis of all White Christian Propaganda these days.

The French Revolution is remembered by the infamous quote (probably not true) of Queen Marie Antoinette - “If the people don’t have bread…let them eat cake!”

In the decades of chaos about to envelope the planet because of American deregulated, unregulated Reagan God Blessed voodoo economics, one quote will be remembered more than another.

Cheney to Bush (2001) : –
"We don’t have to worry about deficits."
I don’t care about virtual economies and spreadsheet mumble jumble – the classic way to do government is to balance the budget. If you need a war, you raise taxes to support it. If the people do not want more taxes – you don’t wage the war(s). Period. Exclamation point!

You cut budgets or you raise taxes. NO MORE DEFICITS.!

Rule in a competent manner or don't bother to rule at all!

Proposed constitutional amendment 28:
When expenditures of the Federal Government exceed revenues for 180 days, the Congress and the Executive Branch are dissolved and elections shall take place in 6 weeks for said entities. The term of Executive Branch is to extend as an interim government 6 weeks until the elections and 6 weeks thereafter in transition to the swearing in of the newly elected Legislative body and Executive branch.

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