Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Senator Bob Casey at King's College - May 17

While surfing the net for other things, I ran into one of those connect the dots things of things related or seemingly related or of having no relation at all. Am I making sense?

Not to harp much further on Bishop Martino of Scranton. He has been ragging on Senator Casey of Pennsylvania who is scheduled to speak at King's College in Wilkes Barre on May 17. Casey is pro-life but his voting record is many times pro-choice and not satisfactory to Vatican standards of what a good Catholic should say, do or think.

May 17 is the same day that good Catholics want to lynch Obama for giving a commencement speech at Notre Dame. Is May 17 some sort of Catholic Holy Day?

Back to Casey and King's College, if you cannot get a better moral man than Casey why not have a famous alumni of the same college speak.

I hear that Judge Mark Ciavarella might be available to replace Casey as a speaker.

Of course Judge Ciavarella is a “white collar” criminal who got caught cheating on his income taxes along with that other Judge Michael Conahan.

This is where connecting dots really gets a little interesting. In doing some research on Bishop Martino, his posted pastoral letters and his quotes on the Catholic Blogosphere posing as journalism, I do not see one condemnation of the this man Judge Mark Ciavarella by this very loud, very angry, very “moral” Bishop Joseph Martino of Scranton.

I know that Judge Ciavarella’s white collar crime happened over the county line in Lucerne County but it is still Martino’s religious bailiwick. And Wilkes Barre is a whole sixteen miles from Scranton. This is where I think of all those Germans after WWII who said that did not know about Auschwitz that was just down the road and they did not know what was going on at that facility of historic horrors.

I know that the moral leader of the Catholic Church in the Scranton Diocese did not know about the crimes against humanity of children being put in private “for profit” juvenile jails so that Judge Ciavarella and Judge Conahan could get bribes to fill up these “for profit” prisons.

I feel sad that the best way the Bush “Justice” department could deal with these monsters in judge’s robes who in essence trafficked in children - was to only let them get off with a mere seven years plea bargained sentence and on the white collar crime of tax fraud.

America’s total moral abandonment during these recent years is something everybody should recognize, pray about, ask forgiveness for, and turn over a new leaf to the country’s hopefully better moral future.

You speak in the public square Bishop Martino screaming your moral righteousness about Bob Casey or are obsessed about sex on Catholic Campuses or the general state of morality, and you will do everything in your power to strike down Roe vs. Wade.

I know that you have not addressed one of the most recent heinous crimes against humanity carried out within your moral jurisdiction and now I understand why you shout so loud on other matters. You shout to not hear the cries of the children whose lives where ruined by these judges, one of whom I know is the Product of the Diocese of Scranton’s Catholic grade school, high school and college education system.

You cannot condemn the whole system for the failure of a few. But being whole moral on some issues and then being half moral or morally absent on other issues makes for a very lukewarm morality. Last dot is connected.

You’re right Bishop Martino. Bob Casey is not good enough to speak at King’s College. He is perhaps too good.

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