Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Of God, UFOs and Gary McKinnon

I don’t know what to make of this story about Gary McKinnon. There is this fellow in Britain. He seems fairly articulate. He is diagnosed with a form of Autism which makes people obsessed and focused on a limited number of topics. His two topics seem to be UFOs and FREE ENERGY – two topics that supposedly caused him to hack into relatively unprotected and easily accessible NASA and PENTAGON computers in search of his pet projects.

There is this long extradition thing going on whereby the US wants him tried in the US and not in Britain where he would get a much lighter sentence if convicted. The previous administration no doubt had room for him in Gitmo - no trial, and rotting there until what he might have seen or discovered on the computer database is obsolete and old technology. Whatever.

This US GOVs big push to get their hands on Gary just leads to speculation that there really are UFOs. I believe in the possibility of other intelligent life in the universe. I am perhaps much more skeptical than the general public in terms of a belief in UFOs.

I have been looking for the bland Vatican statement about Extraterrestrials on the Internet some many years back but I can’t seem to locate it. It, the original statement not unlike my own, has been spun off into tens of thousands of tangents and contextual misquotes on websites and supporting the cottage industry that promotes topics such as UFOs, New Age, and other occult subjects.

Just because you have a fuzzy picture or see a fuzzy picture of something does not necessary make it a UFO, an angel or a shooting star.

British Hacker's Supporters Rally at US Embassy

Although McKinnon has publicly admitted to hacking into NASA and other military computers, he maintains he was merely curious and was looking for evidence of UFOs.

However, the U.S. alleges between 2001 and 2002 he deleted critical files, copied user names and passwords and intentionally caused damage on U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, NASA and Department of Defense computers and those belonging to universities and companies.

McKinnon's demure, inquisitive nature seems to have helped marshal support from many corners.

British authorities are pouring ever more money and police effort into fighting cybercrime. But McKinnon's hacking -- which wasn't aimed at stealing money -- seems to be widely regarded in Britain as harmless. The U.S. is pushing too hard, they say.

I believe in God. God created all things. That is my faith.

I do not believe in UFOs. Until I see or touch one, I am skeptical. That I think is existential.

If you have fifteen odd minutes to kill, this guy spins and delivers a good tale about the UFO thingy. I almost came to believe but I am an old dog and am set in my ways.

I can half picture someone as brilliant as this guy and as sharp and focused as he is and being someone not like the original wonder salesman of Saint Paul.

Who knows? I could wrong on many subjects including that of UFOs.

Be well.

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