Saturday, April 18, 2009

Impeach Judge Jay Bybee

I don’t know if Federal Judge Jay Bybee should be handed over to an international War Crimes Tribunal or not. He is not Himmler. He is more a German Judge type tried at Nuremburg for only carrying out orders – a well paid and well pensioned rubberstamp for the regime. Only in this case he is one of the cadre of fascists in the Justice Department who wrote the rules saying this or that is okay which translates into torture.

He should resign as a matter of honor now that his anti-humanity memos have been out-ed of the closet at DOJ.

If not that then Impeach him! He is a sniveling yes man and poster boy for American fascism.

To list two of four common indictment counts against Nazi judges at Nuremburg listed below:
1. Participating in a common plan or conspiracy to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity;
2. War crimes through the abuse of the judicial and penal process, resulting in mass murder, torture, plunder of private property… Wikipedia – Judges’ Trial

Conspiracy is still conspiracy even if it is done in broad daylight and in the offices of the Department of Justice or the White House.

The hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians murdered in the US war of liberation I count in the mass murder thing. It was an unnecessary and illegal Act of War against another country by the US Regime in power. It was carried out and justified under the cover of American bias or misperception after 911 that "All Muslims are Bad!"

Torture against the bastards who took down the World Trade Center? Let’s not split fine hairs here. In real war you do what is necessary to protect you and yours.

Abu Ghraib Prison and Torture was part of the result of Jay Bybee's clean white shirt memos over at DOJ. Abu Ghraib they would have you believe was some misconduct by non-coms. What Bullshit! Evil is a smooth tongued devil – d’evil.

Not all judges are evil. Spanish Judge Baltazar Garzon, famous for bringing Chilean Dictator/Monster Augusto Pinochet to justice, has been thwarted on his current round to bring Bush cronies to justice in Spanish courts for torture conducted against Spanish citizens and under the direct or indirect auspices of Bush Justice Department (oxymoron) lawyers/henchmen, one now on the bench, who okayed torture

In a clear and present danger to our homeland, anything in war and or response is a likely thing to happen. But was there a real war on terror after 911? Or was there a hostile petroleum corporation takeover of Iraq also known as the Glorious American War of Liberation of the Iraqi People. Hey the old Pravda is dead. It was blood for oil and Jay Bybee did whatever it took to get a lifetime appointment as a US government bureaucrat.

I don’t know if this Pontius Pilate thing by Barry Obama is a test run – just releasing memos and hoping the need for prosecution gets lost or talked out in the media. He doesn’t want to harass the elite white ruling class of America so early into his administration. He is not a messiah type.

Let us remember that the President is just another corporate lawyer. That being what it may be - This is a first round of the game of Americans coming to grips and to fully view recent and current reality. They had been shielded from reality for decades in the name of national security: the prolonged phony cold war, the phony war on drugs and the phony war on terror – torture, gangsterism, and let’s not forget corporate gross mismanagement/crime on wall street. These are tough reality pills to swallow. Perhaps these bitter pills are necessary medicine.

Reality sometimes sucks and so does Justice when it has to be carried out by a free society.

If America is to survive into the whole of the 21st century and be great, it needs to at least fully investigate this recent disgrace and fall from humanity conducted by the thugs of the Bush Cheney Regime.

I managed to write this whole thing without once using the word morality. Hey, can anybody get me a job at Justice?


Dave said...

It would appear that the new administration will not go after this and other war criminals from the Bush era. The reasoning? I'm not sure but overall I would agree to move forward and set a new example for the world. Is retribution a trait we need to pursue. Jesus would say..forgive them..right?

Mike McShea said...

I think that going forward should entail a thorough investigation not of everyone but of the methodology and organization charts involved. Future admins and generations need to know how power can be misused and if there is public documentation, the mine field of recent human rights abuse by the USA will be cleared or at the very least danger signs will be properly installed in place.
By all means forgive - but don't forget.

Dave said...

I can live with that. Drag it into the public square and let everyone see it in all it's horror but will the rest of the world be satisfied with that only? International laws were violated and we do nothing? It won't look good but I think we can weather that storm.

Mike McShea said...

By all means bring it out into the open of the new Global Town Square. Thrash it out verbally and to some satisfactory end. Obama’s protection (not pardon) ends at US national boundaries for these crime conspirators. Who is to foresee the arrest of a Gonazalez or a Bybee if they get arrested under an international indictment while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico or in Rio? The Hand of God working in history has the ability to surprise as well.