Thursday, June 14, 2018

Trump Administration - Abuse of Small Children by Neglect in For Profit Gulags of Children of Asylum Seekers in Arizona

An international firestorm, a shit storm of mega humanitarian dimensions is building on the US border regarding the abuse of children of immigrants and asylum seekers as political pawns in the mindset of hatred in the American President and his executive orders making this inhumanity possible. 

Southwest Key Programs overflowing with children and minimum wage temp supervision for children is covering up all sorts of abuse in my opinion.

Crime of Abuse in the For Profit Children Ripped from their parents at the border Gulag system for children 4 to 15 along the border.

Maybe Mike Pence can send in some Southern Baptists or RC priests "in transient" who speak Spanish and Portuguese to give spiritual comfort for detained children about to be housed in for profit Tent City prisons on the border - the well proven "Sheriff Joe Arpaio" model of dealing with immigrant criminals in Maricopa County (Phoenix, AZ). 

Maybe Casa Padre should be renamed Casa Padre Marcial Maciel. Wink. Nod. 


"Antar Davidson ensures that children have bed and board, but that they do not receive the necessary attention to mental health problems and even suicide attempts. He says that it takes more education and time in the open air, because he feels that he worked in a prison."

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