Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Spanish Speaking Tsunami About to Arrive in America from Hurricane Apocalypse

There is gonna be at least a half million Puerto Ricans escaping Hurricane apocalypse to the mainland in the months to come, and coming here and are native born American citizens who do not carry I.D. because they are citizens. Watch the mangoes hit the fan with racial profiling and cop deaths, broken tail lights etc, in the next few months among the paranoid old white man establishment that don't like non-white as a skin color or Spanish as a native North American language.

But the PRs are not Mexicans. They have fought in 2 world wars, korea, vietnam etc. are veterans and have college degrees.

There is a Spanish part of America that gets constantly refused statehood. These regular votes on statehood are rigged like brexit etc. 

PR does not want statehood because they don't feel welcome in America and they know it. 

That corner of America is about to spill over into the present toxic atmosphere of fear and hate of the racist leading his neo=nazi cult from the white house.