Tuesday, January 26, 2016

God Bless America But Not Ted Cruz

"Pastor" Rafael Cruz - 1986
"All I want are Tits and World Domination" Ted Cruz Video - 1986

God Bless America But Not Ted Cruz

I don’t know what “Evangelicals” means in Iowa. But they are believers in their imaginary friend in the sky. And if their children want to be Agnostic or Secular, their children will be ostracized and shunned. That sounds like Islam with secular laws in Muslim countries making it a crime or a death sentence to change religions or choose not to believe. That really sucks.

So in my point of view, the Muslims pray five times a day to their imaginary god thing. They sound quite stupid to me in my western civilization mindset. A lot like Iowa Evangelicals. They too sound stupid to me in my western civilized mindset. 

Getting back to Evangelicals in Iowa who are mindless fundamentalist Christians who believe every word in the very confusing contradictory passages of the Bible which is a combination of both the Hebrew and the Greek Testaments.

Ted Cruz, his political campaign has just declared "christian jihad" on the Trump Campaign in order to gain power and world domination, something Ted Cruz has been brainwashed all his life as something he wants as the goal of his miserable nasty pointless life.

And of course, Ted has been led by his grifter Gypsy father who claims to have started in Cuban as a person. But with a half century wall erected around Cuba, there is no way to check out the life story of the grifter “Pastor” father Rafael Cruz Senior etc. Ted’s real name is Rafael Cruz Junior btw.

The old man has been going around for years as pastor of a fictitious church in Carrollton Texas that is only a mail drop at some strip store mailing shop. Rafael Cruz is however a paid consultant of the right wing think tank Heritage Foundation who sees no conflict of mixing politics with religion just like those other barbarians and enemies of civilization, the Muslims.

If I was a full believer and merely Agnostic, I would call Pastor Cruz satanic and or of Satan in terms of the evil he preaches against races and immigrants and talks to religious groups all the time about using churches as data bases and delivery points of bodies to vote on and in elections, in clear violation of separation of church and state and non-profit tax laws.

Know your enemy without. Know your enemy within.

God bless America but not Ted Cruz. 


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