Monday, October 12, 2015

The First Thousand Days of Life – The One True 100% Pro-Life Measures in Third World Bangladesh

I have been listening to the same old stale words and phrases from the word cloud about pro-life mantras for close to fifty years now since Humane Vitae and it was refreshing to run into a different POV from an entirely different culture and at a totally different economic tier way below the one I have existed in all my life.

In people rich, land poor and poverty poor Bangladesh they have a local program to raise the nutrients and vitamins given to young children to increase their odds of survival against overwhelming poverty.

The first thousand days of live begins at conception and ends on a child’s second birthday. That proper care and nutrition of the mother and child in that thousand days brings a child up to a plateau of life where a viable human being begins to take shape in terms of beginning to talk and having and assembling and storing memory for future cross-reference. From that point on in life with the proper care and nutrition a child has a better than chance of survival all the way to adulthood.

That gestation of 270 days plus 2 X 365 days equals a thousand days. Not much of a concept and yet again so profound considering all the stale fifty year old pro-life word cloud rhetoric.

The media, like the RC church, and all GOP redneck Christians with their sexually related treatment ideas related to conception is frozen in focus on the Day One of Life.  And the thought and energy and progress go no further in the discussion, let alone debate, of the miracle of life in a universe without any material creator needed as far as I can see to carry on the work of creation beyond the start of creation – is that an Agnostic / Atheist view of creation or the droll true definition of being pro-life in American politics?

That I hear and see a new POV on an Al Jazeera documentary about growing farmed fish the size of minnows to up the possibilities of healthy life for children is creative and therefore verboten in the stagnant mental life of the West?

Something you all may know but it was the first time I heard it the other day and I had to wonder if current shouting in the public square about Contraception masked in Abortion rhetoric by the stone-age side of the aisle, the money (1%) backed 53% trying to put down and control the other lesser 47% caste of American life was discussion, debate or mere shouting at one another like FUX NEWS.

The 1% to 53% Pro-Lifers of R.A.C.s (Redneck American Christians) Only Care about .01% to 27% of the true life timeline in the beginning Creation and nurturing of Human Life. The first 270 days of life in the womb is only about one-quarter of the story and necessity of a true definition of being PRO-LIFE.

That along with a birth certificate in America, maybe being born should come along with a short term lease on shelter, a few food stamps and maybe a reclaimed from China job for Dad. 

Time to step up to the plate and change all the old definitions of life and of gods and profit lines in this new global century starting with scientific data to back up reality and real concepts about being truly pro-life. 


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