Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Anthropoceneans Await End of World Under Inbred White Male GOP Congress

It took some time for the Scientists to come up not with the final age of the planet but an era, Anthropocene, in which the last of the trashy humans lived before Earth returned to the beauty of the garden and the rule of nature. Age of the human dinosaur types so to speak.

Rather White to begin the era in 1610 C.E. to coincide with the founding of the first colony of the British Empire in Jamestown Virginia. Why not date it from 1620 when the African slaves arrived and real work began in that Limey Speculative Land Scam in the so-called “New World”.

Another case of the white western Europeans being the first real valuable worth mentioning people on the planet scenario. He who writes the history write the god and beginning of the world myth all over again. Blindspots and racism in politics and science. 


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