Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tom Brokaw Calling the Kettle (Brian Williams) Black

I don’t know how and when all this fuss over Brian Williams got started. Who is behind his downfall. He did keep embellishing his war hero story with each telling. I see that he used to be WCAU-TV Jersey reporter in his past btw. This recent FOX NEWS story about his being robbed selling Christmas Trees for charity as a teenager is FOX digging up all dirt and reinforcing the anarchist views of the right that all “Liberal” media is a lie, like Fox News is even considered news etc.
I am impressed that Brian got this far on his good looks. Only 18 college credits between community college and two major universities before being an intern in the “Carter” admin – a major sin for the right. I do not think that a college degree is good for anything anymore.
Williams is just a $200,000 a week talking head on the nightly news. He is what he is. Not much.
I see that Tom Brokaw, his predecessor, is rumored to have stated that Williams should be fired, said it to his cronies at NBC.
But speaking about talking heads, delusional fantasies, and the truth, I lost all respect for Brokaw after one of Ronald Reagan’s Press Conferences, where I expected an intelligent comment from Brokaw after the conference that did not happen on the news wrap up of that event. During the News Conference in the 1980s, one of the reporters asked Saint Ronny what could the average American due to protect themselves from the HIV virus.
RR answered with a solution of drawing and freezing a supply of one’s own blood so as to not be contaminated then with HIV tainted blood in the marketplace. While it was a solution for rich people who could afford such a luxury solution, I failed to see how it answered the question about what the “average” citizen could do to protect themselves. No comment or complaint from Tom Brokaw on that delusional comment by RR.
Not commenting on the news, just reporting it, is in many ways just a rubber stamp on the words printed out by your Public Relations spin doctor.



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