Sunday, February 15, 2015

ISIS/Daesh - Breeding Ground for Recruits - Has Its Roots In 60 Years of Refugee Camps in the Middle East

The above article suggests that the Islamic State is an assertion of the Sunnis to take over all the countries in the Middle East and ethnically cleanse them of Shia pockets of existence.

Since religion is involved, let's use ignorance as a substitute word for religion here, it is only the common factor for warlords to appeal to the personal prejudices of the ignorant masses of the Middle East, many of whom now are pouring out of repressive dictatorships in that region.

That a Saddam or an Assad are men who in the past held together a tightly held political concentration camp of many peoples and cultures under one national label that pleased economic and military masters in London and DC since the end of World War One when all these artificial Petroleum Company drilling maps became the defacto political maps in that region.

That the Arab Spring came and went and now new pro-western dictatorships are in place to replace old pro-western dictatorships. Some coincidence. Yeah right.

The best Obama can do, short of another full Erection Dick Cheney/ Georgy Bush 41/43 chock full of deficit nuts, full scale boots on the ground war is to keep the monster, monsters of the Middle East at bay until the end of his besieged admin not unlike that of Bill Clinton.

The future is ugly in this modern day Reformation of Islam so to speak with the Sunnis being the Catholics and the Shias being the Protestants in this ugly ignorant political religious mess in the Middle East.


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