Saturday, February 14, 2015

Is George Zimmerman Alone Today on Valentine’s Day – Psycho!

Is George Zimmerman, the hero of pure white American culture alone today on Valentine’s Day?

George who is an honorary “White Man” and likes to roll around with Black males in the grass is not queer and it would seem is certifiable as 1950s George Romney and Scott Walker “white” “normal” “straight”and believes in three channel TV, the flag and police shooting minorities on sight, has been described by his most recently recorded "normal" slut girlfriend as a “Psycho”.

Unidentified, redacted Whore-like girlfriend of record below seems to be the unstable one in that brief intense relationship. Whatever.

Happy Valentine’s Day George and your next victim of love!

She explained that Zimmerman became angry after she told him she didn't want to take the relationship further, and they also argued over a painting she had that he wanted returned. Zimmerman made threats and threw the wine bottle, which didn't hit her, she said.

Detectives described her as "extremely emotional, crying, mad and upset" and said she became reluctant to cooperate when she realized that officers might be conducting an investigation. 

She called her former boyfriend "that psycho, George Zimmerman" and said several times that she should have known better than to get involved with him.

The ex-girlfriend, whose name is redacted, told investigators that she had had an "intimate relationship" with Zimmerman since the end of last year.

"She indicated that this began at a time when she was emotionally vulnerable," the report said.


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