Sunday, January 18, 2015

Unearthing America – One Shovel Full of Shit At A Time – History Channel

Cleopatra's Needle, Central Park NYC
(Public Domain)

Scott Wolter, the world’s leading “Forensic Geologist” is forever trying to figure out if it was a cat or a possum that shit on a rock in your backyard, is host of a History Channel entertainer “Unearthing America”.

Working from and or for an unseen POV – paranoid, white, Mormon-like, this clown has one of those background noise history programs that sees conspiracy and the Templars and the Masons behind every bush rock and tree in America. Kind of reminds me of my late grandma and her paranoia towards the “Commies” in better American days and being fronted by the, any unions.

Program last night was about Cleopatra’s giant granite Dildoe in back of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Granite involved here and so only a forensic geologist can say who or what for certain has taken a dump in the vicinity of obelisk for the last 3,000 years. It was stolen from Egypt in the nineteenth century btw.

Why is it there? How did it get there? What is the real reason for it being treated as ancient art and behind the MET and its nefarious and as yet undetermined hidden agenda of “Art” – (wink, nod).

Scott walks through Grand Central Terminal calling it a train “station” and then goes downtown to St.Paul’s Chapel and calls it a church. There is another secret in sight is the obelisk in plain sight in St. Paul’s graveyard, a tombstone, like Cleopatra’s Dildoe in Central Park. St. Paul’s is a chapel and attached theologically to the Trinity Church (Queen Anne Charter) a few blocks over on Wall Street.

Cleopatra’s Needle lines up with the Worth Obelisk at Madison Square and does not quite line up in a straight line with the obelisk gravestone at St. Paul’s Chapel downtown but this expert knows it all, yeah right, between any two separate points is a straight line. That imperfect line continues and does not as his expert prescribes point to the Statue of Liberty on an island in New York harbor but rather straight at Governor’s Island, the original settlement point of the Dutch in NYC.

Governor’s Island is the secret hiding place of the Ark of the Holy Grail, the wooden animal vessel that the Kristian god Yahweh Junior drank from at some supper party once upon a time btw. Don'r ya know yaor bib-L?

And as I suspect the subject of another history channel mystery/conspiracy.

This program “Unearthing America” along with “Ancient Aliens” is the most highly rated cable shows on the History Channel making it most likely to jack-off to while in your living room and in your underwear, from boredom or lack of concrete fact, while watching cable TV btw...


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The show is actually called America Unearthed and is now cancelled. I came across your blog as I was doing SEO research for my site