Friday, January 16, 2015

Christian Mullah Franklin Graham issues Fatwa Against Atlanta Mayor

The reason for the fatwa against Mayor Kasim Reed- (What kinda non-white Christian name is Kasim btw)

Da Atlanta mayor fired the local fire chief for handing out Kelvin Cochran’s book on Christian Self-HateHelp to employees - Handed out unsolicited - read it or get fired bro?

Cochran came under scrutiny and derision in late November for comments he expressed in a book he published more than a year ago. Among the compilation of men's Bible studies in "Who Told You That You Are Naked?" he encourages sexual purity, naming homosexuality and lesbianism "forms of sexual perversion."

Fucking your christian female wife or raping her is holy, a christin virtue, and the other gay stuff puts you in hell don’t ya know.

MuLLah Graham is part of the life time meal ticket and free lunch chrisitian cult started by his TV evangelist dad Billy Graham.

Franklin Graham’s upcoming book btw is “Skinnydipping for Christ in the White House” recalling historic accounts of his dad Billy skinny dipping with LBJ in the White House Pool talking about what good shit the whole Vietnam thing was for big business. 

Being nekid is not a sin, it is a skin, if the secret service are watching your butt don’t ya know. 


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