Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Killed For A Nickel - 1890 - NYT

Peter Kehoe Fatally Stabbed

"Peter Kehoe of 137 Laidlaw Avenue, Jersey City, who was stabbed Saturday night by Peter Tolo, an Italian bootblack of 37 Colgate, will die. His ante-mortem statement was taken declared positively that Tolo stabbed him. He said he was quietly walking down Laidlaw Avenue, when he was suddenly confronted by Tolo, who, without saying a word, plunged a knife into his abdomen and fled.

"Kehoe said the only quarrel he had ever with the Italian was two weeks ago, when Tolo charged him ten cents to black his boots, and he only paid him 5 cents. Tolo then swore in a rage that he would have revenge. Kehoe did not see him again until he was stabbed. The police believe they can find Tolo."

(The New York Times – Published: July 28, 1890)

Moral of the story: definitely learn to shine your own shoes.


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