Monday, August 4, 2014

First Baptist Church of Royal Palm Beach – Cheap Bastards of Christ Dump Hungry Homeless into Jail for $2.25 Worth of Cookies

You can’t get more white in America these days without the white “Christians” not wanting to get their clean paws dirty tending to the poor or other obsolete Jesus bullshit like that.

A homeless man steals some cookies and these cheap bastards as a church that does not pay taxes dumps the dirty hungry homeless onto the jails to support at hundreds or thousands of dollars a day to support by real taxpayers.

Real Moral Authority - BULLSHIT.

A-merican “Christianity” is so fucked up and GOP these days = F.Y.I.G.M. = (wink, nod) = A-men?

I apologize. This kind of stuff makes me so angry about how a gated church in a probably gated community gets tax free and money laundering privileges that the founding fathers never envisioned. Whatever.

The British link below btw mentions Los Angeles - a typo. 

This is a redneck Kristian church in redneck stand your ground Floreeda. 

According to a report in the Palm Beach Post, the homeless man had been looking for assistance from the church when he entered the building and found the unguarded cookie jar.

After beginning to tuck into the church’s cookies, the man was greeted by the church's cleaner.

On finding the homeless man, the startled cleaner called the police.

After discussions between police and church members, it was decided that the church would press charges.

The homeless man was then arrested and taken into police custody.


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