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Ossian Euclid Dodge – Divorce Clipping – New York Daily Tribune 28 January 1873 – and other bits…

Ossian Euclid Dodge 1820-1876
(public domain)

Clipping - New York Daily Tribune 28 January 1873
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Comic Song Writer and Performer Ossian Euclid Dodge 1820-1876 whose most noteworthy accomplishment in life according to his NYTimes Obit would seem to have been to pay $500 for a ticket to Jenny Lind’s first night performance in Boston. (Shades of blatant future Diamond Jim Brady self-promotion and free more than $500’s worth of publicity.)

1850 Lithograph - Ossian E Dodge (left) being Introduced to Jenny Lind by P.T.Barnum
(public domain)

Euclid Street (St. Paul, MN): Ossian Euclid Dodge, “an eccentric troubadour,” was a nationally-known  journalist, writer and song writer who once had a traveling concert troupe. He was a strict teetotaler who hoped that the public “could learn that a comic song is not necessarily a vulgar one; and that wit which has no fellowship with profanity or coarseness, will be keenly relished by the best and most refined portions of society.”    

Dodge came to St. Paul in 1862 and had a downtown house called “Alpine Cottage.” He sold music and pianos and got into real estate.  In 1873 he named the street after himself.  He was secretary of the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce from 1869 until 1873. What the local papers called a “scandalous divorce” forced Dodge to flee to England in 1874, where he died two years later.

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