Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ken Ham - The Creationist Flim Flam Man and Noah's Raft

I did not watch the so-called debate between science guy Bill Nye and Creationist Ken Ham in their debate in February.

The headlines say that Ken Ham, an Aussie btw (any outstanding warrents in Oz?), is getting funds to build a replica of Noah’s Ark and using those made up numbers in the bible “history” book as a guide for building.

Well the overall estimated cost of Ham’s dinosaur theme park in Kentucky of all places is 150 million.

I for one do not care if he has the resources in timber and wood that could probably fund the wood in a thousand houses for the poor to prove a so called point from the bible history book.

I can only see a half-finished boat rotting away in a half-finished theme park that few except a few home schooled chillins would visit as a tourist bust stop. 

American highways are littered with the rotting wood of tourist attractions that never quite made the mark or black on a bottom line.

Speaking of road side trash. These bible creationist types used to have tales of people who saw the ark in person on Mount Ararat in Turkey and that it was only a matter of time before their secret discoveries would be revealed to the faithful. 

Or that somebody saw the ark in the glacier on Mount Ararat and the snows came back in winter to hide the resting place of proof of the bible and a book with a reference to a big boat on top of a mountain. Mountain Dew to you too. And I am talking 150 proof mountain dew and not the green sodie stuff. lol

Problem with these stories I have heard all my life. The glacier on Mount Ararat has melted away in the mythical global warming thingy that all fundamentalists deny anyway. Where is the original Ark on top of the mountain?

And considering Kentucky, will the lake or body of water that this new half-finished ark will float on be a lake full of coal ash toxic discharge, par for the course in that state, that will probably sink this vessel in the end anyway from the dangerous chemicals in the "water".

Guess I am a pessimist or someone who gets mighty tired of hearing the same old tired stories about Noah's Ark and Ark fund raising scams ad infinitum.


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