Saturday, March 8, 2014

Charles C W Cooke – NRO Blogger - Harry Reid’s Two Minute Hate on the Philanthropist Koch Brothers

British Atheist – (Christopher Hitchens wannabe?) – Charles C.W. Cooke continues to comment on Tory Conservative American politics.

I never really thought about how hate of the Charity of the Koch Bothers is what is making the Democrats jealous enough to cripple the democratic process in the Congress.

An atheist defending the Koch’s Charity is a bit much on the ass kissing even for a Brit Twit Oxford elitist mis-educated Royalist Charlie Cooke.

The answer was there all along. Good closeted Christians like the Kochs are being persecuted for their charity and faith by the evil atheists of the Democratic Party. Who would of thought it except maybe the son of a peer from Britain.

Oh us dumbed down stupid colonials. Give us back a rational government. Give us a Queen (not in drag of course)? lol

Charles C.W. Cooke Defending the Koch Brothers From Democrats and Their Unjust Hardcore Political Hate…

“But the Kochs are not as simple as the hysteria would have them be. Indeed, even the lightest of research reveals them to be in favor of gay marriage, of drug legalization, of reforming and expanding the immigration system, of withdrawing troops from the Middle East, of cutting defense spending, of curbing the NSA’s overreach, and of helping to balance the budget by raising (some) taxes…” NRO March 6, 2014 


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