Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reverand Hate (Odio Reverendo) - Rafael Cruz at It Again Comparing Obama to Castro

I have become a sounding board of sorts for many comments and e-mails regarding this weird Mother/Daugther Son/Father Act of Senator “Edwardo” Cruz and his so-called mail order Religious Minister (of Hate) Rafael Cruz.

Got this latest comment on this blog article below to frame this article.

So I got the notion that the Senator’s Wetback Dad (Wetback over the Saint Lawrence River in Canada BTW) was up to spreading some feel good Klan style hate from some stage paid for by the Tea Party or the Heritage Foundation and the only decent thing this cockroach does not do to further insult the title of “minister” and or “pastor” is wear a religious collar.

Well he, Rafael, is tripping back on the old White / Black Hate thing so common in Middle Class Cuban History of White or Mixed with Spanish Blood perpetuating the superiority complex of the ruling Spanish elites in Cuban that always looked down on Blacks or those born darker than a plantain fruit. And of course masked in modern GOP Secular Pac money "New Time" phony religion. (Jesus Hates!) (Democrats especially!)

As the old Pre-Castro Cuban ruling class saying goes "Siempre casarse con piel más claro que a ti mismo." (Always marry lighter skinned than yourself.) This as a means to breed out any "bad" black blood that might be in your family tree. 


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