Friday, January 24, 2014

This Cultural Christian Commentary – Jan 24 2014

GOP treats all non-GOP Women as Whores – Justin Bieber, a Canadian, Out of Control Druggie Teenager

In keeping with this blog being an “American Diary in a Global Culture” the things I highlight here take my notice in the media today.

Some FOX NEWS media whore of a former Arkansas Governor, former tent revival fundamentalist preacher etc. Mike Huckabee turned off women with his condescending tone toward all women and Democratic voting women in particular as some whorehouse full of dependent vaginas, dependent upon the “Uncle Sugar” government on free contraceptives to live their presumed promiscuous slutty whore life styles. Good implied Republican woman do not know about The Pill, Abortion etc. and are glad for their man to beat them up a couple times a month to prove they love them as chattel and property of their Penis Owner Husband.

“Uncle Sugar” is a term I have heard associated with the military. A lot of lifers retired in the south and living on military pensions and living a Huckabee 1950s dreamworld where change and civil rights and females rights do not exist. "Koch Eyes"

Fox News ran a story on the likely candidate for Governor of Texas Wendy Davis who stood up against the Draconian Texas Abortion bill in the recent past. Her up from poverty life story is a bit polished and Fox News is attacked aspects of her personal life that they would not dare question if she was a penis man.

Comments like this below is purely sexist. “Stilettos”? Was she a prostitute or just a Democratic housewife? Fox News is run by a pig named Roger Ailes who makes 17 million dollars a year supporting the corrupt Rupert Murdoch publishing/media evil empire.

This scandal, according to Scott, was that Davis' life story had "holes" in it, partly because she didn't pull "herself up by her stilettos"

And I have ignored this thing, this Justin Bieber thing for some time, the thing, a teenage heart throb worth probably a billion on paper who drives around more than once drunk, on drugs and without a licence. How cute? If he kills an American driving like that I hope that there is justice and a capital punishment state in any such tragic future episode / equation.

Justin Bieber is calling out for help. He belongs in Rehab. And you can deport his worthless ass back to Canada and while you are at it along with that other worthless Canadian Ted Cruz. 

Time to take a "moral stance" at least in the fictional American Town Square, now virtual. To reassert some so called levels of decency in the presently morally devoid global culture that have corrupted the local American culture. Bieber and or Cruz is as good a place to start making an example with these foreigners within the reach of the American Mainstream / "Lamestream" media to act as town criers speaking of a common moral level playing field, real or imagined, in the Republic.  


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