Thursday, January 30, 2014

The End of Michael Grimm’s Career in the House of Representatives ? Homophobia or Mere Lack of Social Skills ???

Scotto and Grimm - Man and Super (GOP) Man?
Bully in the House?

The logical next job for Michael Grimm will be at the corrupt Port Authority of New York and New Jersey at one of those infamous many no-show $200K a year jobs, bones, rewards for doing the dirty for the power brokers around the Port of New York and New Jersey.

I see that recently, they put a limit on business that would go into Mariner Harbor’s Port Ivory facility in Staten Island, Grimm’s home base. 

I am sure there is one of those angry Letters to the Editor kind of things posted on Grimm’s website to the Port Authority, letters of feigned outrage that so many possible jobs there will be defaulted over to the Soprano state other end of NYC area shipping in Newark.

If you live in Staten Island, and want to get into Manhattan proper of NYC via Brooklyn, it is $13 dollar toll on the Verrazano, a piece of crap bridge built by Donald Trump’s father, on the cheap, no walkway for pedestrians etc., just a throughway from Jersey to Brooklyn/Manhattan/Long Island.

If you want to shop in Jersey at Sam’s Club or get a better price on gasoline or liquor from Staten Island, it is $13 toll on the three ancient ready to fall down bridges that connect Staten Island to New Jersey. (Like what do they do with $13 round trip tolls like build new bridges or build Port Authority owned billion dollar office towers in downtown NYC?)

There are of course “resident” discounts on the bridge for regular Staten Island commuters with E-Z Pass, the electronic thing in your car window that automatically deducts from you credit card every time you cross a bridge or go through a tunnel.

With all the traffic on bridges, the business of shipping in the Port, Michael Grimm is not on any transportation committee but his expertise from being a so-called FBI undercover agent on Wall Street is financials. I wonder how may nickel and dime "Penny Stock" brokers Grimm's undercover work brought to "Justice"? No big bankers or brokers for sure. Too big to prosecute.

His joint bill, Grimm/Lautenberg in the House/Senate proposed legislation to have the Federal Government monitor and approve Toll Increases in NYC, it was a dead in the water bill from day one, filler for the congressional newsletter. Look at what I say I am (not) doing for the people of my district. Yeah right. Etc.

Which leaves us with a Representative’s overcharge of Testosterone on a NY1 News Reporter in a Capitol office building with a fancy show balcony that is usually used for photo ops by the media with various members of the Congress.

The NY1 news station is channel One on the Time Warner Cable package, one of several available to customers in the NYC market.  It is almost a non-news show with what is mostly repeated from mainstream items and the usual local clips, pictures of schools, school children from Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island every couple of hours to appear relevant in an academic sense. 

You do not get breaking lead news from NY1. So in a sense Reporter Michael Scotto I doubt makes 50K a year in a faux cable news business.

So it would seem unusual for Michael Scotto to bait Michael Grimm with a question about a long standing on hold “ethics” matter, on automatic hold in the Republican controlled House. Wink. Nod.

And Michael Grimm has a good ole boy cowboy reputation in the GOP. The kinda a guy still locked in eternal High School manhood and not knowing jack shit about love, sex or lady parts etc.

Mike no doubt was with a mixed group including Democrats when he peed in the Galilee Sea in Israel on some paid for by taxpayer fact finding jucket etc. and rumored to be skinnydipping with the boys, "real men" of the GOP and Dem parties. LOL

Which makes me think that Michael Scotto, the cable reporter was possibly getting a pound of flesh out of a probably love hate relationship of media sound bites where on more than one occasional no doubt Testosterone Mike let Michael Scotto know his place in the feeding chain of life in that it is no secret that Scotto is openly gay. Whatever.

It is well known among people who know and work with him that Scotto is gay. “Within the station community it’s pretty well known,” one colleague told Gawker. The 35-year-old political reporter didn’t ask Grimm about anything pertaining to sexuality, so it’s unclear, based only on the video, why Grimm issued a series of insults aimed at questioning Scotto’s masculinity—a common weapon of homophobes seeking to torment and marginalize gay men.

And the point here was to torment Scotto. “You’re not man enough,” Grimm seethes. “You’re not man enough.” And embarrass him, too. You can’t see it in the video, but his colleagues and other reporters were watching the entire thing from a few feet away.

We don’t know whether Grimm was aware of Scotto’s sexuality, and his office didn’t acknowledge our repeated attempts to contact the congressman. The men know each well enough, though. “He and Congressman Grimm have worked together professionally for a while,” NY1’s Washington bureau chief Jennifer Babich told Gawker. “But this is the first time [Grimm has] said anything like this.” (Babich added that the men “have had several interviews” together.) At the very least, they were known quantities to each other.

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