Thursday, January 9, 2014

Last Prophet Tom Monson Considers End of Mormon Church While Reading Mark Hofmann’s Forged “Two Spade” Prophecy Letter

Rumors and or memes now reaching me how Mormon Prophet Thomas Monson is haunting the vault where the LDS church houses some of it sacred archives which in fact also house the so-called “Hofmann Archive”.

That the incompetence of Mormon cronies in the Utah State’s Attorney General’s office was the root of the recent week of legal Same Sex Marriage in Utah, now on hold per the Catholic U.S. Supreme Court. Monson is said not to have slept since the end of December.

An unknown document at one point attributed as a forgery by Mark Hofmann in the 80’s is being called into question.  

Sources also say that Hoffman is now denying having forged this particular document.

The document, the so-called “Two Spade” prophecy letter is a so-called eyewitness account of a vision or prophecy of Joseph Smith in a trance describing the end of his church when marriage becomes similar to symbols of “two spades” as opposed to marriage as a vision of  “spade” and “butter churn(s)”. 

That after the end of the Mormon church would see Mormons hiding in caves and cellars and eating “a bitter broth of dried roots”, (Prepper’s dehydrated soup mix?).


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