Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cardinal Dolan’s Friends – Rich Catholics Against the Pope and the Poor – A Total Human(?) Pig Kenneth Langone

This guy Ken Langone sounds like a lunatic minus one straight jacket in his defense of the sharks, the rich and his total disregard and hatred for the poor.

The quote below defending his crony friend Grasso and his $190 million severance package from the NY Stock Exchange. No Insider Trader there. Yeah right.
Anything but repentant following the revelation and repudiation of the Grasso deal by NYSE executives, Langone told Forbes magazine in 2004: “They got the wrong f—ing guy. I’m nuts, I’m rich, and, boy, do I love a fight. I’m going to make them s— in their pants. When I get through with these f—ing captains of industry, they’re going to wish they were in a Cuisinart — at high speed.”

While Langone passionately defended the outlandish grasping of the super-rich like his friend Grasso, however, he has displayed far less indulgence toward workers, especially those struggling to support their families on poverty wages. Until just last year, he was a director of Yum! Brands, the global fast food conglomerate that includes Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken among its holdings — and that spends millions annually to hold down the minimum wage and prevent unionization of its ill-paid employees and farmworkers.


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