Monday, December 30, 2013

World Trade Center - New York - Garcia Lorca

…For I have not come to see the sky,

I come to see the blood that sweeps machines to waterfalls,

and the spirit onto the serpent’s tongue…

“New York” – Garcia Lorca, 1930



Anonymous said...

Your symbol of compassion is interesting, and seems to be entirely at odds with the streams of verbal slime that appear to be woven through most of your blog posts. It would seem any compassion on your part is conditional, and extended only to those who may share your particular political/social views. You might want to update your symbol to something that reflects character assassination, name calling, wild speculation, vicious stereotyping, and spewing hate. The symbol I would have that suits your rants perfectly has something to do with a "bird" and a middle finger, and you may want to consider laying off the Kool-aid you've been obviously enjoying in large amounts. Anger management would certainly benefit you as we'll. :-). Happy New Year!

M.McShea said...

Thank you Anonymous for taking valuable time to analyze me. You may be off a bit but I understand. Great minds and brilliant visionaries are rarely understood in current time. And it takes intelligence to understand the full subtleties of the fine dark art of sarcasm. Pax