Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Atheist David Koch Funds Builds Daycare Center for MIT Elites While His Tea Party Shutdown Screws all the ‘Po Folks Kids Out Of Government Paid Daycare

David H. Koch, a billionaire philanthropist and MIT graduate known as much for his conservative activism as for his generosity, had attended dozens of these meetings, but had never been so moved. “I got a tear in my eye,” he said. 
 Koch, who had already given the Massachusetts Institute of Technology about $150 million for research and faculty positions, decided to spend $20 million more on day care. 
 On Friday, the David H. Koch Childcare Center will be dedicated, in a celebration that highlights a major and ongoing shift in universities’ thinking about recruiting and retaining people who do world-class research. The best professors, scientists, and researchers are not just minds, universities have increasingly acknowledged; they have families, too.  
The new center will serve 126 infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. It nearly doubles MIT’s day-care slots on campus.

Nothing like working the white elites at MIT to death at a different level than in all his coal mines.  Nothing like separating mothers from their kids for 18 hours a day? etc. while mom works on new Technology to make David Koch richer.

Hell, Mike Bloomberg has already given over a billion to his alma mater Johns Hopkins. Koch for being richer than Bloomberg is one cheap son of a bitch when it comes to his alma mater MIT etc. lol


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