Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The “Ugly Immigrant” Rafael Cruz – A Jim DeMint Heritage Foundation Production – Eight Years A Citizens and “They” Are Taking Away His “Hard Won” Freedoms – Yeah Right

Eight years into his American Citizenship after 40 (?) odd years a Canadian Citizen and necessary in order to send his Social Security Check Offshore, Rafael Cruz is belly aching, a real ugly immigrant who did whatever he could to be a citizen and now is complaining, whining and generally being ugly – the Ugly Immigrant.

Brought to you by Jim DeMint and the Heritage Foundation and fronts like “Wester Free Press” news sites, “Boutique Journalism” renting space at the Tucson Citizen. 

That needs close to 100 tags (lol) on pieces linking a You Tube of Rafael addressing a room full of white right wing Anglos at a rented hotel hall in Wilmington Delaware and on rented C-Span space/air time. 

Preaching to the Redneck Choir. LOL

The last thing Fidel Castro did after he took away all of Cuba’s freedoms was imposing socialized medicine just like Obama.  Obama is starting with socialized medicine to complete all the other freedoms his black ass has already taken away from us???

YouTube Transcript:

0:35  big-government taking away my freedom

0:38  freedom of speech freedom of the press

0:42  freedom of religion confiscating private property

0:46  shutting down businesses attacking everyone

0:50  that hot anything whether it was small business a big business

0:54  attacking religion putting brick church in prison

0:58  and I'll tell you in the midst of all that

1:02  then they impose a socialized medicine system in cuba

1:07  you know be four castro cue

1:11  behind a preemie or medical system the universe you have and I was

1:16  re known worldwide for its quality of of medical

1:21  instruction today that medical system is gone


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