Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tea Party Jihadists Want to Shut Down Government – Minority to destroy Majority by all Means Possible

Following through on my current meme / mantra that it is time for the Tea Party to move on, man up and form its own third party away from the rest of civilized humanity.

I am trying to back track on comments I have made in the last 24 hours to unite and string together thought which does not filter through on the media’s lame delivery systems.  The energy flow of thoughts of my own and of others makes me see and want to share what I see happening here on the national stage at this precise moment in time, history.

- This mantra came into my head this date as I was commenting here and there and in response to the Harvard and BYU educated lawyers, "kindred spirits" Ted Cruz and Mike Lee telling everyone that they alone understand and can protect and know what is best for the average American (whatever that is) and for their interests. My mantra has to do with the fact that the GOP / Tea Party Coalition political party is not a good marriage and maybe it is time for the Tea Party to Man Up and form a third party after the divorce. If there is one thing I hate is any authority figures so-called telling me what is best for me and also playing Alpha male thrown into the equation. And believe me Ted Cruz and Mike Lee may be great readers, reading the corporate clone script but the Alpha male thing stage presence...??? (fade to black)

Not that the Tea Party was ever real. It was at one level, the top level; a PR stunt of a lout like Dick Armey to project a down from the bottom “Populist” like movement carefully orchestrated every step of the way by corporate interests and corporate funding via right wing think tank political money laundering fronts.

Not that I do not agree with some points I hear on the Tea Party side, the media side sound bites that is, but the truth is that once a Tea Party candidate gets elected by a populist front, they pretty much drop the mask and get right to the task, already paid for, at hand, using Gov. Scott Walker and the Kook Koch Brothers as examples.

In a way, the Tea Party operates like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. They get elected and once elected they abandon democratic compromise in favor of imperial royalist rule. The minority is set to destroy the democratic majority. And I am talking democratic as in democracy here, not the Jack-ass political party.

I believe we are living at a disconnect in history, a period not yet understood or defined. I am thinking of how as I see and thinking of the global culture theme of my blog, that the corporate front office is living in a artificially protected comfort zone, a bubble, and aided with the power of computer programming, for the last thirty to forty years been merely pushing buttons and getting a nice shiny new quarterly financial statement out of the nice new shiny computer thingy.  

I am thinking that that button is easier to push than come down to street level and really, really look around and see what has happened in America lately.

Main Street is no longer there. And strip malls or four dollar a cup of coffee franchises on every street corner do not a substantive culture make.

That the bubble the board room is living in is no longer viable. Keep pushing the button for profits and bloody revolution may very well be the result.

I am looking also at an ancient institution like the RC church that in recent decades has taken that rule from the top with CEOs with political agendas and secret budgets from the CIA etc. and mixing it up with theology and all of the sudden the pews are empty. The button does not work anymore in the Pope’s Private Apartments.

Francis in his recent interview described the Papal Apartment that he currently shuns as large but not luxurious and very isolated. He used the word funnel to describe how the entrance to the old Papal Apartments are literally in a physical sense narrow. This made me think of the concept of a gateway, and of gate keepers and the isolation that results from CEOs shutting themselves off from the world in their penthouse level executive suites.

Francis, with some street experience, of taking public transportation to work and living in a simple but near to other people apartment in Buenos Aires knows how to try to rejuvenate an ancient dying institution like the RC church.

The trick is to touch people. 

Be in touch with people - not just fellow CEOs at the exclusive gated "neighborhood" Country Club.

- I believe we are looking at and living in one of those chapters in history, not yet written or comprehended, but if it must have a title, it would probably use words such as upheaval, revolutionary or such. That the last half century has perhaps seen people on many different levels living in bubbles. That those in corporate boardrooms and those farming fields have lived in separate worlds without realizing that communication has evolved imperfectly with technology, the computer etc. In the case of the CEO of the Vatican, his living down on street level for some time in Buenos Aires gives him some insight into what might to needed to bridge a lot of gaps, a lot of in between spaces, in the modern world and masked in speed, entertainment and other distractions.

Getting back to the matter at hand and the private army of the corporations, the Jihadists of the Tea Party trying to shut down the government by merely pushing media and ATM buttons and wondering why their shtick is not working as well as it used to. 

Perhaps it time to get back down to earth or just fade away.

Comment from Facebook regarding my meme for the Tea Party to Man Up and form a third party:
- Republicans were always the party of business. In my opinion however they have just completely gone off the deep end as it pertains to that. Holy Cow, teamsters and hard hats helped elect Nixon. This Republican party absolutely hates labor unions of any kind. E.G., Scott Walker, Corbett …



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