Sunday, September 22, 2013

Spin Doctor Bill Donohue (Bill-Doh) Hovering Above Pope Francis – What the Pope Really Really meant

Like his female counterpart K-Lo at National Review, Bill-Doh is there to tell his readers what the Pope really really meant in his most recently published interview appearing in a Jesuit magazine.

Bill-Doh disputes the New York Times spin on the pope’s words.

From someone who has read the entire magazine interview, I suggest that Bill-Doh do the same before he disputes the NYT spin in favor of his own.

This imitation of “journalism” style of Kathryn Jean Lopez (K-Lo) (an “Anglo” and not Hispanic despite the last name) over at the National Review Press Release Dumping Ground online “magazine” site, is quite a step up for Bill.  Keep Up the good work Bill whatever that is.

“The pope also said the Church should be a “home to all” and not a “small chapel.” He did not mean by these words, as the Times alert said, that these remarks were a criticism of focusing on “doctrine, orthodoxy and a limited agenda of moral teachings.” In the previous paragraph, he speaks about “the sanctity of the militant church.” In the same paragraph where he mentions “small chapel,” he cites the “negative behavior” of priests and nuns, saying their conduct is that of an “unfruitful bachelor” and a “spinster.” He did not say what the Times attributed to him.” 
“The pope wants us to reject abortion, and to help women who have had one to find peace with God. He wants us to reject gay marriage, but not gays because they are gay. Kudos to Pope Francis.”

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