Friday, September 13, 2013

George Zimmerman – Ted Cruz – Minorities and Their Desperate Need To Please White Masters, Even Dead Ones Like Jesse Helms

Zimmerman is an honorary white man at best or so he claims as part of his entitlement as with his Anglo and South American bloodline. He has a chip on the shoulder attitude or stance that makes me think he is constantly having to try and prove himself white enough, worthy enough to be seen as equal to his "peers" in his patriarchal worldview.

His stalking people, who are strangers or different, not belonging in the gated condo complex speaks of his closeted self-image of inferiority and it too speaks of base alpha animal stuff as well.

None of this is discussed on the boilerplate front pages of the media. It will get some time after the impending train wreck his life seems headed for. As for this recent domestic incident with his wife, his wife presumably without a gun must cling to her father and 911 for protection. As for the changing of the dialogue, he said, she said storyline, about whether George had a gun or not, well it reeks of the original tale of Trayvon and telling the tale that the cops want to hear in order for them to get back to their donuts and coffee or is it really more like pizza and beer gathered around the sports cable channel on at the local police station house down there in swampland USA aka Florida.

So too Canadian Senator Ted Cruz has to suck up to white images of success in order to imitate white success and pretend he is a full white man in a white man’s American world.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz wishes there were ‘100 more’ people like the late Helms in today’s Senate. Is he kidding?!


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