Monday, August 26, 2013

Two Flaws in the Ted Cruz / Dallas Morning News Birther Conspiracy to Defraud the American People Regarding Cuban Canadian/American Texas Senator Cruz

Two flaws that any seasoned Birther Baiter of President Obama’s Birth Certificate as a model should notice –

One - Where is the Hospital birth certificate – not this possible fraud piece of paper?

Two - Handed Exclusively to the Dallas Morning New from Rafael Edward Cruz hisself.

Two sources of possible fraud.

The issuing agent in Canada with an official birth certificate – Issued 30 days after the so-called birth with no doubt amendments or discrepancies mentioned on the hospital issued certificate not listed on this later amendable document with a rubber stamp signature on it.

Exclusive use by the Dallas Morning News and Ted Cruz and company. 

How many courthouses in Texas history have been burned down over the decades to hide less bastardization of facts than this comfy little set up between the newspaper and dear little Teddy?

What’s good for the gander, Obama, is also good for the goose, Cruz. Lol

Come on birther folks, try and play fair and apply equal standards and requirements on both politicians. Yeah right.

Have a nice day. 


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