Friday, August 30, 2013

Ted Cruz – Tea Party Bastard Out of Alberta? - LMAO *


Like who in the real human race can take anything in the Tea Party seriously?

No real journalism yet out there to go beyond the Dallas Morning News's Bill Board Ad (“Canadian Birth Certificate” – photo shopped?) endorsing anything Ted Cruz claims about his so-called American Citizenship.

Before Ted believes all the bullshit fed to him by his parents, he better research his claim to American Citizenship before renouncing the only real citizenship he may have, that with the our sister Republic Canada.

Before he becomes a man without a country (Canada).

Even Texas Senators are supposed to be A-merican Citizens and Not Canadians.

Which is what Donald Trump alluded to about Ted belonging legitimately in Parliament in Ottawa and not Washington DC in the Senate. 

Wink, Nod, Donald!


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