Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Senator Ted Cruz’s Vision for Immigration – A Future Cash Cow of Bribes for the GOP – Dad’s Illegal Path to U.S. as a Model

I know all this “I knew Fidel” barroom talk can get out of hand. Like with Ted’s dad Rafael Cruz saying how he fought with Fidel Castro but left Cuba after he found out Castro was a Communist even before Castro knew he was a communist. And in 1957. 

Rafael Cruz left Cuba like a bat out of hell and I have to wonder if it was Fidel Castro Chasing him or someone or something else?

One has to wonder if Rafael Cruz was part of failed assassination attempt on President Batista on March 13, 1957 by students and such and associated and such with Fidel Castro in the countryside.

Leaving Havana in 1957 with a bribe and a forged visa to the United States was the perfect grifter’s path to wealth in the United States and not bothering to seek U.S. Citizenship until 2005.

A fifty dollar bribe and a forged Visa, a fifty dollar airfare to Miami and the rest is history. And let's not forget the revealed extra detail of "$100" shown into Rafael's underwear. The Cruz Dynasty of Texas to stand next to the Bush Dynasty of Texas etc. 

All other illegal immigrants (now) to pay cash like Pop Cruz?

… how Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) father shaped his vision on immigration, his father, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, an immigrant from Cuba, said that while he “came to this country legally,” he basically bribed an official to get to the United States. 
“A friend of the family -- a lawyer friend of my father basically bribed a Batista official to stamp my passport with an exit permit,” the elder Cruz said.

At 3:24 two automobiles and a red delivery truck that carried the first assault group stopped near the Colon Street entrance. The guards paid no attention  A minute later the men jumped from the vehicles, carrying rifles, automatic weapons, and hand grenades.

Firing point-blank at the soldiers, they burst into the building and raced up the stairs. One of them Luis Goicoechea, remembered later: "It was just like in the movies." In Batista's office they found only the remains of his lunch and two coffee cups. In a panic they searched the other rooms and the hallways but could discover no way to the third floor. 
The elevator, the sole access to that area, was still up there. From the roof the guards raked the interior patio and adjacent streets with machine gun fire, and the frustrated attackers began to withdraw. 
A few escaped, but most were killed inside the palace. In the streets, as motorists hid under their cars, the shooting continued for hours. One American tourist on the balcony of the Hotel Parkview, two blocks away, died when he was struck by a stray bullet.

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