Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Governor McCrory’s Actions Makes North Carolina a Safe Haven For the Planet’s Criminals – So called anti-Sharia Law HB522 Will Give Big Boost to North Carolina’s Underground Economy

Pay McCrory, Art Pope’s stooge, and rumored not to be able to read, let HB522 become law. The so-called anti-Sharia law states that North Carolina does not recognize any foreign law outside the United States.

As such, criminals, murderers, child traffickers, human traffickers, drug dealers and terrorists already living in North Carolina are now immune from prosecution of dumb foreign laws and they are immune from extradition to the countries where these alleged crimes were committed. 

Once word gets out, North Carolina can expect a wave of criminal immigration, legal and illegal, from every rat’s nest on the planet.

Somebody really should enroll Governor McCrory in some sort of reading class. Lol


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