Thursday, July 11, 2013

Uber Catholics Complain of Drunken Orgies in Irish Lower House Debating Watered Down “Shirley Temple” Abortion Bill - #lapdance

There seems to be dissent in the ranks of the Fine Gael Party in Ireland, head of a coalition government, to pass a very vague watered down Abortion Bill that only allows abortion on threat to mother’s life or mental health issues related to a suicide. These provisions were allowed by the Irish Court twenty odd years ago but no legislation since then due to Church pressure to not put vagueness into written law. I guess it is a minor triumph after centuries of ignorance supported by the RC church in Ireland for such a law at all to be debated amidst the “drinking of whisky” and “Lap Dancing” during the legislative debate?

Some in the ranks of the Fine Gael party will vote against bill because it is a “Shirley Temple” type drink, quality of watered down poison, for the church that has quickly lost power and influence as the crimes of buggery in the church are being documented and the urban population joins the twenty-first century secular global culture. Fine Gail is rural in power and therefore the Church Party of sorts passing this watered down Abortion Bill.

The uber-catholic blog world of England and Ireland is going apeshit over what they call #lapgate on Twitter of some two TDs (lower house reps) grabbing each other and sitting on one’s lap, between the opposite sexes.

Perhaps the church ladies would rather have the Irish Parliament install poles on the floor for pole dancing during the next real abortion bill that should be written, debated and passed by a mature adult modern Irish Parliament of the future?


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