Monday, July 8, 2013

Hitler Chic – Nazi Chic - Asian Subcultural Reaction to the Visuals and Branded Evil of a Western European Imposed New Global Culture?

KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken is suing some hole in the wall fry shop in Bangkok for supposedly stealing copyright imaging stuff by supposedly turning Colonel Sanders into Hitler.

I guess to the Asians “all white people look alike”. Hitler, Colonel Sanders, Ronald McDonald, Teletubby etc.

The new global culture in some ways is on some sort of visual “mute” button regarding the images that attract the Asian Cultures to the designs of the Third Reich?

Though with Thailand, center of the sex trade tourism from the west, maybe the evil of the west as branded as evil in the demonizing of Adolph Hitler is little different than the evil these sex tourists from Europe and America bring with them with their tourist dollars and euros?

Nazi chic” is a term that describes the use of Nazi imagery, paraphernalia or fashion either for the exhilaration of breaking taboos or for sensational shock value, but not for the express purpose of sympathizing with the ideology of Nazism.Cosplay is a popular phenomenon in Asia where practitioners dress up as characters from their favorite manga, video games and anime. However, while rare, cosplay in the style ofNazi Germany military personnel has become somewhat prevalent and has been documented as early as 2000.

Lenin Chic? – Wrong Blog

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