Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dan Merica at CNN Belief Blog and His Fairy Tale Atheist Category in a Box Thing

Dan Merica – CNN Blogger
R’ligion “Expert”

This belief blog at CNN is putting all atheists into six categories below. Me, I stay an Areligionist, without religion and or dogma and let all the trolls that usually munch on these CNN half-assed American “religion” page articles, do just that, read and eat the articles supersized and covered in extra cheese. LOL

They also like the Scientologists have a list of mediocre loser actor celebrity types along with the article to illustrate for their dumbed down for Americans Belief articles what “real” Atheists look like. Duh!

1) Intellectual atheist/agnostic
2) Activist
3) Seeker-agnostic
4) Anti-theist
5) Non-theist
6) Ritual atheist

7) Whatever!


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