Thursday, July 18, 2013

Closeted (?) Homophobe Racist Statue of Frank Rizzo in Downtown Philadelphia Vandalized – Ceremony of Frank’s Death Day Cancelled in light of Trayvon’s Zimmerman Murder Verdict

The white honky and I-talian enclaves of racist bigotry in Philly are dismayed that the annual tribute to the Racist god Mayor Frank Rizzo has been cancelled in light of the Trayvon Murder Travesty in Florida.

Rizzo is the sacred local white god in Philly for the people who want to shoot every nigger in existence and or in Philly.

Cracks in the grand Philly white racist delusion?

Waves South to the Godfathers and their white envelopes full of Cash



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Anonymous said...

What travesty? Trayvon Martin was a young punk and a dope dealer who met his match in George Zimmerman. These people who try to make him out as a sweet, innocent kid make me sick. Remember the racial slur that enticed this situation was by Martin NOT Zimmerman, or do you racists out there forget that?