Sunday, July 21, 2013

BJs, Sexual Blackmail and Nazi Gold – The Heart of the Vatican Bank? – Pope Francis and his Prison Hall Dining Companions

The best way for a crime boss in prison to keep up with every little detail of control inside and outside the prison is to blend in with the Prison population.  While the cafeteria at the Pope’s hotel is hardly a prison dining hall, a lot of strange and perverted characters can get close to the boss, pass on a signal or written note on two and nobody would be aware of it as opposed to being in the traditional big papal apartments and being on video tape from cameras or having to sign in and out of restricted areas near the pope.
On one level Pope Francis is the sweet simple man he pretends to be. On another level the former archbishop of Buenos Aires was not aware of Monsignor Battista Ricca in the Papal Nuncio’s Office across the mouth of the River Plata over in Montevideo Uruguay when he Monsignor brought along a lover, a Swiss Guard, when he was conducting financial stuff at the Nuncio from about 1999 to 2001. Of course the Fire department finding the Monsignor getting a blow job in a stuck elevator from his Swiss Guard probably was an exaggerated story that the Archbishop of Buenos Aires never heard about. But they did ship Ricca off to Trinidad and Tobago and he recently showed up in chow hall at the Santa Marta B&B favored by the pope and the pope put good ole Battista Ricca on the board of the Vatican Bank in a seat next to board member Carl Anderson of the Knights of Columbus etc.
I am beginning to think that Ratzinger stayed on to tie up the loose ends of Wojtyla’s boys and buggery scandals. That Francis is staying on the tie up the loose ends of the Vatican Bank’s finances.
That considering the source Argentina, maybe the Vatican Bank is not merely trying to cover up and tie up the loose ends of the JPII era when the Vatican Bank was a clearing house for the CIA.
Maybe the ratline of the Odessa and Pius Xii’s gold bug obsession is at the heart of innocent Pope Francis appointing a notorious bugger cleric to run the Shadow end of the Vatican Bank etc. ??? Maybe the heart of the corruption of the worldwide RC church imploding right now has to do with the inability of a corrupt few from letting go of all that Nazi gold, Vatican accounts held in Argentina by former Nazis, gold pried out of the teeth of millions of dead Jews rather than the mere paper billions the CIA ran through the bank for arms and destruction of the Soviet Block?
Pope Francis is perhaps not as innocent as he appears in the Media to be.

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