Saturday, June 1, 2013

Chaput’s Uber-Archdiocese Catering to Educational Need$$$ of Chinese Students in the New Philly “Rich Suburban" REPUBLICAN Catholic Church

Not Quite the Red Hat He Really Wants

I wrote about corrupt Chinese money overinflating  the Manhattan Real Estate Market recently.

I did not realize that the invasion of Wal-Mart Dollars were going to flood back, tsunami us to death in my life time.

The Philly Archdiocese Education Trust Fund (Goldman Sachs? Derivitive) Portfolio grows under the wise tutorage of Charles Chaput – Philly’s beloved “Chief Outtatown” and or $piritual Leader.

Our Chinese Slave Masters of Tomorrow are being sought out, housed and educated in the secluded out of media touch new Philly Catholic Rich Suburban Education System, as opposed to the old one they shut down in Catholic education in the ethnic unpleasing inner city over the past few decades. 

The past few decades that btw coincided and saw no discipline or control or criminal prosecution of its clergy run a muck Philly Catholic Abuse Cottage Industry thing.

International students are paying a Chinese-based company almost $50,000 to help them secure admission to Conwell-Egan Catholic High School in Bristol Township, officials said.

The company, 3W International, will use $5,200 from that fee to pay the diocese to house the students in a dormitory on the campus off Wistar Road, the officials said. 3W also will use money from the fee to pay the student’s tuition and other fees for 2013-14.

The diocese will receive about $8,600 per student to cover those expenses, said David Magee, who serves as director of educational  financial services for the archdiocese.

The rest of the fee paid to the company by the international students will cover other expenses including resident advisers, dormitory meals, tutors, uniforms... 

CEC is one of three high schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia that are part of the partnership with 3W International.

The initiative will offer dormitory-style living to the international students in former convents that are being renovated over the summer.

Two Philadelphia high schools — Saints John Neumann and Maria Goretti and Archbishop Ryan — also are participating in the international program, which was announced by diocese officials May 23.

About 100 international students, primarily from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, are expected to be enrolled through the program at one of the three schools for 2013-14, officials said.

The company expects to have close to 200 international students recruited to attend one of the three schools the following year.

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