Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pope Francis - The First 24 hours of RC Glory

It took a lot of reading but I am not certain which Saint Francis the new pope is dedicated to, the Francis of Assisi or Francis Xavier.

Francis of Assisi is the name I heard repeated over and over again by the many news outlets on Cable. 

It spread by word of mouth by these news mannequins giving the rabble the official version of joy and hope and God?

Francis of Assisi has been the so-called model of the simple archbishop of Buenos Aires hiding the assets of his church in the fear of literally thousands of lawsuits from the offed relatives of the regime 1976-1983 that Gorge Bergoglio managed to survive, co-exist with, prosper under with the convicted war criminal Videla’s regime etc.

A fellow blogger on a political blog wanted links of direct connections with the junta generals and Bergoglio. I am afraid there are none. Those links and or documentation got purged from public view decades ago.

I am afraid that just like John Paul II and Benedict XVI, we have to accept at face value Pope Francis or is it Francisco’s disgust of those nasty putty tat Generals that he survived under to become as “God” intended a great man in white. 

John Paul II of course survived slave labor in a mine while moonlighting in the resistance and Benedict was forced to join the Hitler Youth. He never told us whether he enjoyed the Hitler Youth, being a place where his father could not beat him up or have to witness the domestic violence of his father to his mother etc. 

Or that the Hitler Youth as the spies of the German nation were the ones who beat up the minorities in the streets. But of course by the time Benedict came of age, all the good minorities had already been disappeared by the regime. Etc.

Here I am not being sarcastic but definitely cynical.

As for Francis and his hiding political prisoners for the regime on the island in his vacation home in the middle of the River Plata - No doubt in the summer time, one could sit on the veranda of that vacation home owned by Francis or is it the Jesuits and with a little radio info sit and watch the junta throw victims, commies, pinkos out of planes and helicopters into that River Plata from a mile up and watch the splash of white foam on the Horizon that had once been a human life, a child of god. 

Some other god and not the one true white Christian GOD that is. What joys and or mercies! 

Perhaps the one or two well connected guests that got away, living in his cellar (dungeon) paid the Jesuits well enough by selling off the family estates for the “Opps, We lost a Prisoner” bullshit along with giving the regime a cut of the bribe money etc.

A half way negotiation religious retreat house for profit for those who looked like they could gather the gelt for bribes?

And then there is the other Francis, Francis Xavier, a victim of political persecution of Spain in that as a native Basque he saw his ancestral castle torn down and he under some act of vision and or Stockholm Syndrome goes off and converts all the yellow devils in Asia for the Pope and or the Jesuit Party.

Two things about the “Francis Thing” already and less than twenty four hours into his overlapping wane cover administration with his co-emperor Benedict in the shadows -

- one is that pure Uber-White American Catholic type people feel comfort I think in a new coded word, are calling him by the anglo “Francis” (a sissy sounding name from the times of my Catholic youth) - taking great orgasmic body language pleasure in using the name "Francis" (Fox News) and that he is, get this, of great relief!, of Italian (European) descent, not Hispanic inferior race quality. 

These Ubers already have 22K gold fringe on the millions of Holy Cards already being printed of Pope Francis I.

- two - The name Francisco like the city out west has a much more romantic or artistic connotation sound to it, perhaps even a gay sound dare I say it. STAMP IT OUT!

So, there you have it, the new pope, ready to serve the Jesuits RC church and an offset to the growing power of the growing disease, the rot in the timbers that will literally bring St. Peter’s Basilica to dust in our lifetimes, the Opus Dei crowd and their termite colonies of drones forming everywhere on the planet.

Have a nice day. 


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