Friday, February 22, 2013

Worlds Series - Braves vs. Athletics - Shibe Park Philadelphia - Oct 9, 1914

Overflow bleachers - World Series - October 9, 1914

Shibe Park, home of the Philadelphia Athletics, longer before Shibe Park became Connie Mack Stadium, home of the Phillies

Shibe Park - 1953



Dave said...

Great photos Mike! Love a life long Phillies fan..Connie Mack was the first ML park I visited for a game back in the early sixties. Thanks.

M.McShea said...

Got to a Phillies game in May 1965 as part of a school trip for crossing guards {"Safeties"). Saw second baseman Cookie Rojas warming up near stands. A lot of splinters in those old wooden seats.

Anonymous said...

From 'James Michael Curley Scrapbooks', Articles from Boston newspapers:

Sept. 22, 1914 “City Hall Notes” (Volume A08)
Congressman Ambrose Kennedy has a private secretary named ‘Jimmy’ Cook, who was formerly city editor of the Woonsocket Call, but who went to Washington with Kennedy from the Third Rhode Island district.
Yesterday Mayor Curley received a request from Congressman Kennedy asking that reservations be made for the Braves’ championship series, as Cook and his wife wish to attend. The Braves’ will win the pennant, Standish Wilcox says so, which should be given serious consideration.

Oct. 14, 1914 (Volume A08) It’s Ours
There is not much more to be said concerning the world’s championship baseball series than has been said previously. All of the suitable certificated adjectives, and others coined out of the imagination of gifted word painters, have been applied to the triumphant and hitherto unparalleled advance of the Boston Braves from the sub-basement to the roof garden and a place in the sun.
The team did not crack under the strain, but it looked at one time as if this old town would. The Braves have broken more than one record. They began the series with fewer active and unafraid supporters than any other club that ever participated in the autumnal test of supremacy and they have closed with a larger and wider range of admirers than any victorious ball team ever achieved.
The Braves have boomed Boston. And Boston has rejoiced to boom the Braves. Now let all hands consolidate for a seasonable Boom Boston movement.